Friday, January 30, 2015

Where It All Started...

I've said that I'll write a post about my writing journey & I've put it off for a little while - mainly because I wasn't sure how to explain it.  

I guess I'll start at the beginning: I took a Creative Writing class my sophomore year of high school & fell in love with poetry.  I have a bunch of pieces that I'll post over time (once I can convince myself that they're okay to share with the world; it's hard, okay??).  

I took the class again during my junior year of high school, and one of the assignments for the class was to submit a poem for Teen Ink.  I'm not sure if the publication is still around, but they published original writing from high school (and maybe middle school?) students.  It was awesome.  Anyway,  the poem I submitted was chosen & published in that year's Winter Poetry Journal.  The day I got that letter was one of the best days of my life.  I still have the copy of it somewhere; once I dig it out, I'll share it.  I promise. =)

After I graduated high school I took another Creative Writing course during my time at Farmingdale State (where I earned an Associates in Liberal Arts), and my professor published one of my poems on his website (allll the way back in 2007; you'll have to scroll down to 2007 Winter Collisions; or you can search "Symphony of the Moon, Wind, and Sea" and see it -- I've also pasted it at the end of this post).

I stopped writing after that...for years.  I was blocked mentally and emotionally.  And then...

Last July I had the opportunity to go to the RWA 2014 Conference in San Antonio, TX.  It was a week of hanging out with published & aspiring authors in a very supportive atmosphere.  I felt at home among the masses and was inspired to create this blog (even though I didn't really have too much of a vision for it at the time).  I officially joined RWA in October, after attending the conference, and am now also a proud member of the LIRW Chapter (full of fabulous ladies & Harris)!

I've taken a couple of courses through the RWA University to help hone some skills, and am working on my first novel.  It's a contemporary romance, and I've finally figured out the character motivations & sketched out a plot.  Now I just have to sit my butt in the chair & write.  I'll keep you updated on the story, and might even post some snippets (once I can convince myself that they're worth posting)., here is the poem I mentioned earlier:

Symphony of the Moon, Wind, and Sea

In a quiet whisper of a moment flowers wake
to the symphony of moon, wind, and sea.

A thousand diamonds
dimly shine in mists of time
lost in wood's woven shade.

Shadows dance
beside fallen rose
petals swim on a serene silver lake.

The rhythm of the stars listens
to heaven-fed white lilac
glazed with the kiss of rain.

Dawn's fire flames and dulls
hysterical water,
craves a drunken rest.

Yellow sunsets blossom --
embroidered thoughts thick as eternity
keep time with angels' silken wingbeats.

Copyright, Voule Walker. you give me some feedback on the poem?  What did you guys think?  I know that poetry isn't for everyone and that it's very subjective, but I'd still like to hear what you guys think. :)