Thursday, January 1, 2015



I hope that you all had wonderful celebrations that were safe and full of fun!  The mister & I spent the evening at home, not doing much.  We made some appetizers, did a mini-marathon & watched the Times Square Ball drop.  And then promptly went to sleep, haha!

Anyway, due to my recent decision to try to be more positive and to do away with negative/toxic influences, I’m not going to do a list of resolutions this year.  I want to do and be better on a daily basis, and I don’t believe that making a list of promises to myself will work in quite the same way as starting each day off with a positive perspective (besides, my “go to the gym more” resolution never sticks, haha).

Instead, I’m going to do something else.  I’m going to focus a bunch of my energy on this blog & on writing my very first novel.

There are a few very exciting new things that I’m going to do with the blog in 2015, which I will detail in my next post (tomorrow - I won't keep you waiting too long!) because this was supposed to be a short post to say Happy New Year & get everyone excited about 2015!


PS - Remember to come back on Saturday (01/03/15) also, because the review of Barb Han's Gut Instinct will go live.  The book is FANTASTIC (just like the first one, Witness Protection -- there's a review of that one on my blog, posted on 12/09/14).