Saturday, January 3, 2015

Review of: Gut Instinct, by Barb Han

Hi all!  Today I’m reviewing Gut Instinct, the second book in the Campbells of Creek Bend series by Barb Han.

Book Blurb (taken from Barb Han's website, because she says it better than I can!):
     Reunited… by a murderer
FBI agent Luke Campbell has never been more determined to catch the serial killer who’s eluded him for two years. Because this time the monster is after Julie, the ex he walked out on when he returned from Iraq, emotionally scarred and burdened by a secret. Now Luke will do anything-even risk his life-to protect Julie and regain her trust.
     But it’s a tense race against time. Defying FBI rules, Luke keeps Julie by his side throughout a harrowing chase. Once they’re finally at a safe house, it’s clear to him that the passion they once shared hasn’t cooled. Can Luke redeem himself and keep evil away from the woman he refuses to let go of again?

Rating: ***** (5/5)

ReviewLuke & Julie have a romantic history that’s full of both happiness and pain… so Luke is even more determined to catch the deranged serial killer that has Julie next on his list of victims.
     I absolutely adore Barb Han’s writing.  Her characters are realistic, relatable, loveable, and there are the villains that are super easy to be disgusted by.  This novel had me on the edge of my seat & I couldn’t put this book down; the stakes felt higher in this novel – I’m going to attribute that to the history between Julie and Luke.  They were “the one that got away” for each other…can they reconnect while trying to capture a serial killer?

Also – be on the lookout for the last novel in the Campbells of Creek Bend series, Hard Target, to hit stores on 01/20/15 in paperback & will release on e-book on 02/01/15.  It’s available for pre-order on Amazon (also on Kindle), B&N, (also Nook), and a few other retailers.  Mark your calendars!

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  1. sounds like a great romantic suspense

    1. I've read both Gut Instinct (book #2) and Witness Protection (book #1) and they're amazing. I'm not usually a fan of romantic suspense because I feel like the villains can be predictable. Hers are not! I was constantly surprised, and I absolutely loved it.