Sunday, December 7, 2014

Things are A-Changin'

The last few months have been all about making some changes to my life, mostly stuff that just makes me feel more like an adult (::gulp::).  One of things I've decided to do is begin writing again.  Thankfully my mister is on board and fully supportive of my decision.  My family and friends are also pushing me towards my goal of becoming a published author; I have a great support system and without them I would be nothing.

I've always been drawn to reading and writing; my first creative writing experience happened in my freshman year of high school.  My English teacher, Mrs. C, had the class write short stories that were to be published in a class anthology (which I still have to this day).  That year (and the rest of my high school career, if I'm being totally honest) was pretty much consumed by all things Lord of the Rings (and Harry Potter and Dark Hunter).  My short story was about Legolas from LotR and an original character, and was only two pages long; my first creative writing piece was fan fiction and I had no idea.  Not gonna lie, I think that's awesome, given how much fan fiction I have read since I discovered it, and that one of the authors I read got her start from writing fan fiction.

Anyway...last month I joined NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and even though I came nowhere near the goal of 50k words, I got my first novel started and that's the first step.  Just over a month later I finally actually plotted out the novel, because I realized that I just can't write without an idea of what's going to happen along the way to the ending.

Wait...I'm skipping ahead.  Before I get too far let me give you some background: I've been doing some assistant work for another author, Diana Marik (her work is fabulous!  You should check out her website:, and we traveled to RWA (as some of my older posts have mentioned).  Also mentioned in those posts was going to the Book Obsessed Chicks dinner down in San Antonio, and meeting the amazing show runner, Kim.  This chick is awesome and I adore her.  A few months later I offered to do a book review for her Book Obsessed Chicks blog ( and have decided that I love to read and review books for authors.  It's great feeling to give feedback on the stories I love; I've never thought to post reviews until I met Kim and starting meeting other authors through her.  I'll post links to her blog for any reviews I do for her; go check out her site, it's as awesome as she is! <3

So I've figured out that reviewing other books is another passion I have, and I've decided that I'm going to include some reviews on this blog, as well as updates on my own journey to becoming a published author and (::gulp::) original work.

Anywho...this was just a long-winded post that's basically to inform ya'll (my Texas husband has rubbed off on me apparently) that pretty soon you'll see book reviews posted here :)  And I'm going to find a way to set up a gadget of some sort that will allow authors to submit requests directly from the blog.


PS - I forgot to mention...I'm officially an RWA member!!  Squeeee!!!

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